Jeff, from Henfield, West Sussex, came to us with his black Transporter T6, wanting a striking-look campervan that could be used as a day-to-day run around, as a van and as a camper – by himself and his children (and their children!).

Jeff is an interior designer creating amazing office spaces across the London and the South (20sixltd.com), so we knew he’d come to us with a strong vision and a statement to make with his campervan design. 

The brief – design the campervan interior in the style of the exterior, black with red accents, whilst creating a space as practical and comfortable as it is versatile. 


Jeff has always loved VWs and it has been his dream to own a VW campervan since he was a boy. 

He said “I’ve had Teslas, Land Rovers, some lovely cars – but my favourite is still my VW Camper”.  He loves how versatile the vehicle is – yet how easy and comfortable it is to drive. Converting it to a campervan takes it up another level – heating, 4 berth sleeping arrangement, kitchen facilities, storage – and the rest.

As a keen adventurer, Jeff loves to load up his paddle board and disappear off to explore a remote waterway of the world (in a few weeks he’s off to paddleboard the Amazon River…..). We love to think about the journey this van will take as it leaves the workshop – some serious family fun and adventure we’ve no doubt! 


For this build, we sourced a colour-coded scenic canvas for the Pop Top from Skyline Roofs alongside the red blinds from VanShades. In order to really make the red features pop – we kept the interior shades to a variety of light/dark greys. 

The common issue with dark colour schemes is, of course, they can be too dark. So we used a grey laminated board for the cupboards and we switched our popular bamboo kitchen surface for a grey laminated one – the ‘natural’ look just wasn’t right here. 


The ask here was simple and the result, effective – Rib Beds are supplied as new with a tartan centre panel – which didn’t suit this theme. So we switched out the central panels with black vinyl, carefully selected to match the rest of the seat. 

Kitchen and Power:

Jeff chose the slim-line kitchen and cupboards arrangement, with a sink and single hob alongside the electric fridge. The van has our own custom wiring loom with battery chargers and 240v/12v electric supply with control panel for the lights and internal controls. 

Transporter black and red t6 web_5
Transporter black and red t6 web_4
Transporter black and red t6 web_2


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