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Whether you want a van for daily use or a mini motorhome.

Insulation And Lining

One of the most important starting blocks of a campervan conversion is the sound and heat insulation. It is often overlooked or avoided as it is not an item you see. You will notice a huge difference in every day driving from the reduced road noise and "panel boom". The heat insulation will stop you cooking on the hot days and freezing on the cold. At Out and About Campers we use Dodo Mat, Dodo Mat is a British sound proofing company which has been supplying insulation products for over 30 years. All work is carried out in our sussex based workshop.

the sunset reflection in a campervan window


Adding a PopTop roof to your campervan conversion can massively increase its versatility. Space to stand while cooking, an extra double bed or a full opening panoramic window for the hot summer days. The pop top only adds a small amount of height and weight. Most vans will stay under the 2m car park height. At Out And About Campers, we fit Reimo, Skyline and West Dubs roofs. Each of these roofs come with a 5 year manufacturers warranty. Our roofs come with optional extras such as double beds that fold to the roof on gas struts, zip open panoramic view tents and polished stainless steel hinges

A cosy Campervan bed overlooking the sea
Many types of electrical cable


Do you need to be able to charge your computer while you travel? Would you like to have dimmable warm glow led downlight? Perhaps you just want to be able to run your fridge when the engine is off. At Out And About Campers we can tailor an electrical system to your campervan conversion. We can plan and fabricate solar power, batterie and 240v systems to make your camping experience easier and more enjoyable. Drop into our workshop near Brighton to see how we can help.

Kitchens and Appliances

With campervan conversions being so poppular, there is large variety of different interior furniture kits available. We can supply and fit all of the "EVO Motion" or "Kitline" kits and include a range appliances like the "Dometic" fridges or "Thetford" sink/hob combos. We are also able to design and build bespoke kits that meat your requirements. Using lightweight, hard wearing laminated ply we can construct your van to include extra storage, a toilet, opposite facing bench seats with a table or anything else you can dream of.

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